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Dr. Paul Powers

What people are saying...

"A unique and wonderful presentation, laced with warmth and humor...many comments that it got a lot of spouses talking to each other about important issues."
N. Lague, Instructional Systems Association

"Great session. Lots of information, we had fun and the team has a lot better focus now."
J. Bailey, Laidlaw Waste Systems

"Terrific presentation, you kept things moving quickly and packed in a lot of information."
P. Barrows, International Association of Personnel Women

"Our first spouse's program was a smash! Thanks... everybody (including the Wall Street Journal) loved it."
L. Shattuck, Smaller Business Association of New England

"Your presentations are always great. Just what the doctor ordered!"
L. Strauss, Chief Financial Officer, PictureTel Corp.

"Wonderful presentation ... nice balance of information, motivation and humor."
K.J. Harrington, Harvard University

"Our attendees loved your presentation. Will you come to our next conference?"
L. Nichols, National Association of Federal Credit Unions

"You were the hit of our conference. Our members are still raving about your message (and your humor!), Yay, Dr. Paul! "
L. Walker, New England Public Power Association

"Our members walked away from your sessions with concrete ideas with which they can improve the quality of their working lives. See you at our next conference."
R. Seefeldt, National Association for Affirmative Action

" It's clear that you love your job and our attendees loved your seminar. I look forward to your future presentations."
J. Stoia, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

"Great job. Your positive and uplifting message was just what our members needed after a long day. Comments ranged from "Excellent", "Enlightening", "Dr. Powers' presentation woke me up - mentally & physically."
W. Pizzano, Mass. Risk and Insurance Management Society

Dr. Paul Powers is an acknowledged leader in the field of career and personal success. His fast-moving talks and seminars are loaded with practical ideas, entertaining insight and the motivation to help your attendees achieve the success they want and deserve.
- a more rewarding career
- a more productive organization
- a more enjoyable life.

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Current topics:

• The Recession Solution: Why This Economy Is Your Career’s Best Friend

• Gung Ho: Building a Winning Organization, the Marine Corps Way

• C-Level Sales: Selling to Leaders by Thinking Like a Leader

• The New Rules for Career Success: Savvy Moves for a Changing Workplace

• Getting Employees to Love Your Company: the engagement solution

• Get Ready for the Time of Your Life: new approaches to an engaged and enjoyable retirement

• Overcoming the Deadly Dozen Obstacles to Effective Job Hunting.

• The Success Factors: 12 secrets of high achievers.

• The Path to Super Sales: becoming the genuine salesperson

• Tough-Minded Optimism: the success skill for all seasons

• Money Smarts: achieve financial independence using the psychology of money

• Success - a User's Guide. Ten tools to love your job, your career, your life.

Unique spouse/non-delegate programs
Better than the bus tour. Offer your non-delegates something of real, lasting value.

Current Talks:

• Helping Your Partner Achieve the Work Life / Home Life Balance.

• Healthy Pleasures: fun stuff that's actually good for you.

• Practical Stress Management for Busy People.

All presentations are customized for your group and your topic suggestions are welcomed.


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